Agrupación Señor Serrano

Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company based in Barcelona that creates original productions about discordant aspects of today’s human experience. Señor Serrano’s shows blend live feed video, scale models, text, performance, sound and objects. The company productions premiere and tour internationally.

Silver Lion 2015 Venice Theatre Biennale

Shows on Tour

THE GAME (to be premiered)

The Game is a project conceived from the collaboration proposal launched by Renzo Barsotti and the Ruta Clandestina project, through the Câmara Municipal de Setúbal. The process of creation and production of the show will be carried out integrating into the social, cultural and geographical fabric of the city of Setúbal, but with a clear international projection, and will be carried out from a series of creative residencies in the city. The Game will have the dramaturgical and device stamp that characterizes this contemporary theater company: technology on stage, use of video in real time, manipulation of objects and video cameras, fragmented projections and visualization devices through a multi-layered dramaturgy, and fascism, a lot of fascism


Everybody lies. We lie an average of three times a day. Or at least we are not strictly faithful to the truth, we skip information, we are not completely honest with our neighbors when we meet them in the elevator, we lie to our doctors, we sweeten our thoughts when we speak with our loved ones. And everybody lies to us. Our friends, our brothers, our bosses, our children, our politicians, our enemies, our social network friends. Lies are everywhere, therefore we cannot deny them because denying them would leave us unarmed and vulnerable. We should embrace lies, we should teach lies at school, teach how lies work in order to be able to detect them, to face them and deactivate them. Because if lies exist, truth exists too and therefore we can expect it. Truth, lies. It’s all a matter of how facts and accounts relate, of how faithful and honest a narrative is respect the facts that inspired it. Narratives. So lies, truth, are just storytelling exercises and as any storyteller knows, stories are mostly form and just a little bit of content. And therefore, in front of the same facts, many different stories, truths, can arise. Are they all true? Are they all lies? Does truth really exist? Are lies the only possible thing out there? How we detect lies? And more important, how we detect the truth? There is a widely shared image that runs through the history of ideas since the Greeks: climbing a mountain, with all the sacrifices it implies, all the efforts, the nuisances, in order to get to the summit and see the real thing, and not just shadows or reflections. It is a great image, but we are not sure it is a good one. Anyway, for this project, with a very simple storytelling trick, the truth becomes The Mountain. By the way, Stalin never said anything like that.


Birdie is a multimedia performance with live video, objects, Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ revisited, scale models, 2000 mini animals, wars, smugglers, a massive migration and three performers handling this messy world with wit, criticism and commitment with humankind…length: 60′


Through its trademark language (scale models, video projections, video editing in real time and willing performers) Agrupación Señor Serrano presents a scenic western where reality and its copies are mixed, drawing a merciless pop portrait of the decade following 9/11, the seed for the 21st century. Come and see…length: 60′